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Florida DUI Law

Are you looking for legal counsel who is well versed in Florida DUI Law?

Michael Hines, Florida DUI Attorney, stays up to date on any changes in Florida DUI Law so he can defend clients involved in any DUI arrest. You need an experienced DUI attorney who can counsel you through the rigorous Florida DUI Law.

Michael Hines is very knowledgeable on Florida DUI Law and knows all the prosecutor's tricks. He is a former police officer familiar with the process of Florida DUI arrests, conducting Florida DUI tests and sobriety tests. As a former prosecutor, he is knowledgeable about every aspect of Florida DUI Law.

“It is so important that the accused have a top-notch attorney. I know. I've been on the other side.”

Michael Hines is a Florida DUI Attorney with criminal defense experience who can defend you with strength because he knows what the other side is going to do. He used to be on the prosecution side as a State Prosecutor, Master Police Officer, Police Detective, Field Training Officer, Brig Correctional Specialist (U.S. Navy), and Petty Officer, U.S. Navy.

If you want expert representation from a Florida DUI Law Attorney, call Michael Hines today! You'll see why people say he is perhaps the only Florida DUI Law Attorney who can and will handle their case the best. Call now!


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